Santa Delivers iMeet to Deployed U.S. Troops

As a special thank you to the U.S. Military this holiday season, PGi is giving away free iMeet rooms to soldiers deployed overseas. We understand the sacrifices our troops make for our country and we want to bring their home and the ones they love closer to them.

Through the stocking stuffer program, started by Lexi Kluge of Horizon Middle School, deployed service men and women will be receiving stockings filled with care to make their holiday season a little brighter. PGi is partnering with Lexi to fill these stockings with 90-day iMeet subscriptions. Instead of long distance calling cards or standing in line to use the phone, we’re giving soldiers their very own iMeet video conferencing room where they can instantly connect via phone or webcam at no cost to them or their family.

Now, they can see their family’s friendly faces, share photos and YouTube videos, and emotionally connect as if enjoying a cup hot chocolate together by the fire. There is no special equipment required, just a computer with a webcam and a microphone. We know it’s especially hard to be away from family and friends around the holidays so we want to bring them to you in a more meaningful way.

To all of our troops¬†– we salute you and hope iMeet helps bridge the gap while you’re deployed. Be safe, and thank you for everything you do. Happy Holidays.


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