iMeet and Human Resources: When Distance Doesn’t Matter

PGi focuses on delivering an optimal customer experience wherever possible. It’s built into the details of our video conferencing solution, iMeet, from its sleek interface to its security settings to the latest development, the integration of Evernote‚ a creative and dynamic organization and note-taking tool that allows for greater collaboration. In the human resources department at PGi, our customers include prospective, new and long-term employees. This story is about the customer experience we give our new hires, care of iMeet.

We have employees, and therefore new hires, in 33 U.S. states and 24 countries. One of the most convenient and simplest iMeet qualities is that iMeet rooms are accessible from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, enabling our employees to enter an iMeet room no matter where they live or work.

When we hold new hire training and orientation, we can bring everyone together at once, creating a sense of genuine community uncommon in large companies. iMeet’s virtual meeting rooms also help our HR team avoid repeating the same information over and over again. And iMeet is especially beneficial for those who work from home to be able to join a video conference meeting in-person and not miss out on human connections because of geographic distance or location.

In one part of the orientation process, Pam, our HR representative in PGi’s Kansas office, uses her iMeet room to take new hires on an employee self-service tour. We use our intranet site, PGiLife, to introduce new employees to our vast internal corporate resources. In PGiLife, new employees learn know how to access various external systems to handle their personal payroll set-up, benefits enrollment, etc. They log into our intranet via Pam’s iMeet room, and she leads them to the various pathways to our benefits and personal records portals.

Pam also uses iMeet’s audio and video conferencing features so everyone can see and hear each other in person. She uses the “view document” feature to show the payroll calendar, how-to aides, benefits information, and more. She uses the “guest access” feature to grant visitors the ability to view, print or download files stored in her iMeet room. Pam also regularly uses iMeet’s embedded chat feature when hosting large sessions as a way to help employees troubleshoot accessing their own records. For example, during one class, several members needed their confidential login IDs to our payroll system, and she was able to chat with each of them individually in the iMeet interface, quickly and efficiently giving them their private information without interrupting the training session for the team.

Pam has been holding these new hire meetings in iMeet for almost eight months and with the efficiency iMeet brings, it’s not unusual for her to hold between four and six meetings each week. Pam tells me, “I LOVE meeting all of our new associates! I get to talk to them face-to-face using video and answer any questions they may have. It’s fun when they tell me, ‘No, I didn’t get that,’ and I can tell them, ‘No problem! You can download it now from my iMeet files!'”

We regularly hear how much new PGi employees appreciate having someone walk them through the process. It’s more personal. It’s more engaging. It’s more fun!

We believe our new hires when they say, “Because it’s new technology, it’s easier to be attentive. This isn’t your typical old-school orientation.”


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