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Integration to Expand Your Collaboration: iMeet and Evernote

Everything around us is becoming increasingly integrated every day in a variety of forms and fashions, with technology often at the forefront. Integration spawns from constructive collaboration, it takes cooperation and the pay-off tends to simplify life. Occasionally, we see great standalone products, but find ourselves wishing they could work in conjunction with each other and synergistically create something exceptional. Fortunately, PGi’s most recent partnership makes one of those wishes a reality.

At PGi, as meetings experts, we are always looking to improve the ways you and your colleagues get together and share ideas. We push collaboration products that bridge communication and functionality gaps. By living in the cloud, products like iMeet are accessible to all and exemplify ease of use, and our latest integration is going to make your meeting life even easier. iMeet’s new partnership with Evernote is a tech match made in heaven. Learn how iMeet with Evernote improves what you can share and makes the process simpler than ever.

We consider Evernote the premiere digital note-taking software. Also based in the cloud, Evernote synchronizes your notes from your phone, tablet, or computer to one accessible database. This means everywhere you can access your virtual meeting room from, you can see your virtual notes, and now they can conveniently be used together. The range of collaboration possibilities lie in Evernote’s functionality.

Evernote allows you to:

  • Create notes from photos, webpages, documents, or presentations
  • Highlight and add audio or text indicators to your existing notes
  • Search within these notes for both typed and handwritten text
  • Better organize your notes with geo-tagging, description tags, dates, titles and categories
  • Automatically sync your notes to the cloud, or store specific notes locally for viewing without internet access

I’ve been an Evernote user for the past few years and its become an integral part of my personal organization. The feature that I find most beneficial is the search capabilities. With Evernote, literally every handout I receive becomes a digital, searchable document. By simply taking a picture with my smartphone through the app, I can search through an entire document including the handwritten notes I took off to the side. I have no more need to save papers from presentations or meetings, I simply upload them to the cloud.

Now with Evernote and iMeet’s integration, your notes are accessible with a simple click on your cube. While logged into iMeet, all you have to do is click on the Evernote icon, authorize your Evernote account with iMeet one time, and you will always be able to retrieve your collection of notes. Then you can share your notes within a meeting, share links to your notes, or create new private notes for yourself.

Evernote and iMeet also provide an opportunity for real-time group note taking during a meeting. By clicking on the notes button next to the chat window, a room notes box will appear. Each participant in the meeting can add links, ideas, and comments to the room notes, which can then be saved to Evernote accounts or sent to individuals who may have missed the meeting. No more need for a write up after collaborating, next-steps and directions can be captured while you discuss them.

Share a handwritten document with everyone in the room, or bring up conference notes you took last quarter at a moment’s notice. See a competitor’s billboard ad, snap a shot, geo-tag it, and share it in the marketing meeting later that day. What about that brilliant idea you had last night? Take an audio note and rest easy knowing it won’t be lost in Never Land. Evernote will help keep your thoughts and ideas organized, iMeet allows you to share them with ease.

This partnership is an exciting step forward in technology integration generally, and for PGi and Evernote. It’s a partnership between companies like this that makes it easier for everyone else to collaborate. Celebrate with us by giving iMeet and Evernote a try. Take a note and share it, There’s no telling where your collaboration will lead, and what potential you have to lead collaboration.


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