PGi’s Top 10 Teleworking Articles for the Mobile Workforce

Happy Chinese New Year from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Last night Will and I welcomed the auspicious year of the dragon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur surrounded by old friends, good food and new traditions.

As we look forward to a prosperous 2012, we want to set our fellow teleworkers (and teleworker wannabes) up for a successful year of mobile working.

Forget the official title.

Even if you work in the office, odds are you’ve joined a call on the way home, logged in to your computer at the airport or maybe even worked from home one afternoon. As the workforce becomes more mobile and the “office” becomes less defined, very few workers will be confined to the traditional office environment and most will require a crash course in remote working.

Gear up for a year of successful working-on-the-go with my top 10 teleworking articles from PGi.

Cora the Digital Nomad’s Top 10 Teleworking Articles for the Mobile Workforce

  1. Teleworker’s Bill of Rights: This piece is a great read for anyone working with mobile workers or considering working outside the office.
  2. Build a Business Case for Telecommuting: One of my most frequented bookmarks, this article highlights the top remote working stats and industry studies.
  3. Digital Nomad Tip #14: Three Questions for the Aspiring Teleworker: Thinking about working from home? What about the coffee shop or even a tropical paradise?? Here are three questions to ask yourself before you pack up your cubicle.
  4. How to Relax on Your “Workation”: Get 7 great tips for planning a successful workation. Having had my fair share of workations-gone-wrong, the right planning can make all the difference.
  5. The Ultimate Webcam How-To Guide for Video Meetings Success: Turn it on! An insightful guide to making the most of your webcam. Use this magical little tool to teleport back to the office or catch up with your family while on the road.
  6. Digital Nomad Tip # 17: Adhere to the Coffee Shop Code of Conduct: We love WorkSnug‘s guide to working in coffee shops! Learn how to keep the peace among other laptop-toting mobile workers and have coffee shops begging you to stay longer.
  7. Digital Nomad 101: Your Guide to Working Outside the Office: Straight from my 6 months as a Digital Nomad, this three-part guide will show you how to take your show on the road.
  8. Top 10 Ways to Stay Productive When the Internet is Down: The internet is down. Don’t panic! Once the curse words dust has settled, check out 10 ways you can keep productivity high while the internet is out. You’ll be sure to unplug more often!
  9. Is There a Telecommuting Personality Type?: For anyone who has worked outside the office, you know it takes more than a laptop and a cell phone. You need the right personality to make it work! See if you’ve got what it takes.
  10. Work from Anywhere Phenomena: One of our favorite infographics from featuring the rise of mobile working among senior leaders and hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies.

Are you a mobile worker? Share your favorite teleworking articles.

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