Event in Review: #ShiftNYC Dialogue on Social Enterprise

In the #shift event series, we focus conversation and thinking about the progression in professional cultures. One of our favorite topics revolves around social enterprise: the power of integrating social responsibility in the fabric of our business models, and creating new types of organizations that not only drive profit, but drive impact as well.

We were thrilled to have such a wonderful group of minds present back at Soho House in September 2011 for the inaugural event. It was during these sessions our friends like Lane Wood, the Director of Social Innovation of Warby Parker, shared the value drivers of their one-for-one fashion eyewear line and disrupting the billion dollar optics industry. Joe Huff, founder of This Shirt Helps, explained how his customers become evangelists for the brand and cause that each shirt supports. We also heard from our friends from our friends Journey of Action, who have traveled the world working to identify great new talents in social entrepreneurship and document their stories. The whole while, we shared these stories with leaders from the White House, Google, Mashable, the Conrad Foundation and more.

All of these people contribute greatly to the salon style conversations. We see them form friendships and build collaborations in front of our eyes. With this type of convergence taking place and the opportunities that manifest, we help leverage the collaboration by offering up tools and products from iMeet. Bringing people together and making meetings awesome, helps the #shift community fuel innovation and extend the lifecycle of such great opportunities.

We hope that #shift inspires new thinking around the businesses and cultures we create, and by bringing the thought leaders of this movement together, we will have the opportunity to create change inside of the business  we build.

Video footage courtesy of MNN

Lane Wood, Director of Social Innovation at Warby Parker
Joe Huff, Founder of This Shirt Helps
Sean O’Brien, SVP of Strategy and Communication at PGi


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