Intel working on faster mobile WiFi technology

Intel’s new technology could improve WiFi speeds and ultimately battery life on mobile phones.

The technology geniuses at Intel are working on a new chip, called Rosepoint, which may one day be used to produce the mobile phone of the future. The chip will allow mobile phones to have a faster WiFi connection and a longer battery life but at a reduced premium in price. That’s right — a faster, better phone that costs less than the phones we know and love today.

I admit the science of chip technology is a bit confusing, even to this gadget geek. But I do know that what I read in a article published yesterday is quite exciting.

“That’s good news for WiFi users. When Intel’s chips start to hit the market, they will have ‘state of the art power efficiency’ and superior signal quality,” says Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner. And things will only get better as Intel shrinks things down. “With a digital approach to radio, you can bring the benefits of Moore’s law to RF and radio circuits,” he says.” Source:

Moore’s Law refers to a quote by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months.”

Intel engineers will continue to fine tune the technology so that it can ultimately be released to the market. At that point, if Moore’s Law holds true, I can’t even begin to imagine what the mobile phone and even the entire mobile electronics market will look like a decade from now.

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