PGi is a Proud Sponsor of Berts Big Adventure 2011

PGi was delighted to attend this year’s 10th year Anniversary send-off celebration for the amazing kids of Berts Big Adventure 2011. Each year, Bert’s Big Adventure provides a spectacular five-day journey to Walt Disney World, where children with chronic or terminal illnesses can connect with others facing similar issues, experience events that otherwise could not be afforded and enjoy the gift of intimate family time where the focus turns from living with an illness to making magical moments.

We are excited to give our support, and we encourage you to do the same. Please watch this video from Sean O’Brien, PGi EVP of Strategy & Communications, and share in the excitement as we send these kids off to Disney World in style.

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Blakely is a work-life juggler with three little monsters, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book-a-holic, Atlanta transplant and PR/social/content strategist (and presentations nerd) for PGi.

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