The Digital Sales Call: How to Get Results

Successful sales professionals are making heavy use of online environments to prospect, create relationships, and close deals. But how are they translating the “art” of selling (once thought to be require face-to-face interactions) to an online environment?

Last week, I led a webinar with Selling Power‚ The Digital Sales Call: How to Get Results. I shared tips and tricks for leveraging technology in ways that will turn your team into a world-class sales force that excels during all sales calls – either in person or online.

Topics that we covered included:

  • How sales teams can leverage the “art” of selling in a digital world
  • Quick ways to establish + create trusting relationships online
  • What online tools sales professionals are using with success
  • New rules of thumb for successful online interactions

The response was pretty incredible. When Gerhard and I first polled the audience at the beginning of the webinar, 35% said they currently use video technology to get face-to-face with prospects. By the end of the call, 95% said they planned to do so.

The fact is, today it’s possible to combine the effectiveness of an in-person sales call with the cost of an inside sales call‚ and the results can be pretty incredible. My team improved our lead conversations by 40% after we turned on our webcams with iMeet.

Want to know more? You can listen to the PGi webinar or download the slides.


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