A focus on the intersection of the future and the way we work: #ShiftSXSW

Beginning tomorrow, PGi will engage thought leaders, strategists, and business visionaries in a three-day conversation that intersects at the interactive hub of the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Our offices, located the top of the Frost Bank Building, will serve as host for the second #shift conference. This pop-up event empowers, studies and celebrates exciting new fields as well as embracing alternative thinking in both traditional and alternative industries.

PGi creates technology tools for a new generation of leaders, acknowledges the transcending culture of mobility and connectivity, and addresses the demand for a new way of doing business. In fact, even the name of our #shift event reflects the overwhelming change in our professional and societal behaviors. PGi and iMeet represent the avant garde of products designed to help business leaders redefine not only the way we do business but also the business we do. #shift focuses on conversations that address a variety of topics‚ from innovation in sustainable design and social enterprise to trends in broadcast media and pop culture. We underscore the importance of interactive conversations by inviting guest speakers to talk shop in an open, roundtable atmosphere. Attendees have the opportunity to share with peers and learn from guests in an impromptu think tank that unfolds and evolves on the spot.

Below is a summary of our events during Austin‚ SXSW festival that demonstrates PGi’s commitment to explore and improve the future of the way we work:

Saturday, March 10th // 4p-6p | Revolution: The SXSWi Edition of Brian Solis’ hit web series, hosted by James Andrews

Industry analyst Brian Solis and Social People founder James Andrews lead a conversation that addresses timely issues: Has social media reached its peak or is this just beginning? If only a small percentage of the population engages in social networking, what happens when it moves to the mainstream? What does it mean to be connected in the 21st century? What is the true value of social media to businesses? At what point do we lose followers and win business?

Sunday, March 11th // 5p-8p
| Soul Food: A Classic Sunday Dinner with How to be Black author, Baratunde Thurston

Enjoy Sunday dinner with some of your favorite personalities in technology. Join us for a chat with Baratunde Thurston about his best-selling new book, How to be Black. Dinner will be provided by Dante Fried Chicken.

Monday, March 12th // 10a-2p | Up in the Air: On the Move with the Working Nomad

According to Forrester Research, 66% of information workers in the US and Europe already work remotely. Evernote CEO Phil Libin, PGi Digital Nomad Cora Rodenbusch and corporate green strategist Lewis Perkins discuss the implications of the teleworking age and the resultant tools that have emerged .

Featured panelists will share personal experiences, successes, failures, lessons learned, and where they believe the future is heading. Attendees will participate in an open dialogue about working remotely, unconventional workspaces, business travel, and corporate sustainability. These decidedly unique experiences will spark conversations and foster creativity. Our goal is to build collaborative relationships among peers while creating a fun environment to share elevated dialogue about the work we produce.



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