Digital Nomad Tip #28: Don’t Let a Few Miles Keep Your Team From a Big Opportunity

G’day mate and greetings from down under in beautiful Sydney, Australia! After taking a week off in the Hobbit capital of the world, South Island, New Zealand, we made our way to Sydney and have been enjoying some of the best weather the city has to offer.

In the short time we’ve been here, my colleagues have taken me to Sydney’s most iconic landmarks as well as a few lesser known sites, such as the local pub and this stunning art installation in a small alleyway just a few feet from the office.

Aside from the temptation of Sydney’s nightlife, working here couldn’t be easier. The connectivity is the best we’ve experienced in Asia-Pac and much like Hong Kong, the city runs 24/7 making it easy for digital nomads like myself to find places to work (and coffee to drink) at all hours.

Just recently I put my Digital Nomad skills to the test and joined Evernote’s Andrew Sinkov and Green Strategist Lewis Perkins in PGi’s SXSW panel, Up in the Air: On the Move with the Working Nomad via iMeet. I was honored to (virtually) sit alongside two of the industry’s top thought leaders to discuss what it looks like to work on the go.

Over the past few years, I have attended SXSW in person thanks to PGi’s prime real estate, centered in the heart of downtown. But this year was special in that I was able to show the power and financial value of video conferencing by joining via iMeetNo plane tickets, no travel time, no hotels, just me in my office here in Sydney, far removed from an 18+ hour flight and a $3,500+ transportation bill.

I started to realize that video conferencing was no longer a nice-to-have for my business, but a must-have. From budgets to time management, environmental awareness and taking advantage of overseas’ opportunities, video fills a void that exists in the workplace today.

Go Virtual¬†to Cut Costs: PGi recently brought USA Today’s rising cost of travel stats to life with a powerful visual – Ditch the Rising Gas Prices – Get a Room. I chimed in to say that driving my car wasn’t the only mode of transportation that was becoming cost prohibitive. I think I set an iMeet record when I was in Zurich, Switzerland paying $17 just to go a few miles on the bus!

Go Virtual to Reduce Emissions: Aside from having extra cash in your budget, Green Strategist at Fast Company, Lewis Perkins, mentioned a few environmental reasons to go easy on the commute and in a recent PGi’s Green blog post, Easy Green Resolutions for Your Business in 2012, PGi states that the growth of telecommuting has decreased the United States’ gasoline consumption and carbon dioxide emission levels by 840 million gallons. That’s something you and your company can be proud of!

Go Virtual¬†to Take Advantage of an Opportunity: Gone are the days of large expense accounts and money to burn. Don’t let a modest travel budget keep your team from landing a big deal, giving a presentation or attending a conference. Advance your team’s business and grow your career with simple, personal and mobile video conferencing solutions that allows you to be just as “present” as you could be in person.

iMeet’s iPhone app has allowed me to advance my relationships back home while roaming free this year. It’s easy to use, easy to start and doesn’t get in the way of my meeting. It’s mobile and it’s human in that I’m able to meet with my team “in person” thanks to the magic of video.

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity because of distance? How have you used video to be present in your business?

Photo from, Emmett Anderson

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Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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