In review: #shiftsxsw video interview with Brian Solis

It was only fitting that Brian Solis would kick off the #ShiftSXSW event series.  Solis currently serves as principle of a research-based advisory firm called Altimeter Group. Most recently, Solis, who has built a reputation as a thought leader in new media, published a new book The End of Business As Usual.  Something that Solis has received a rave reviews for is his popular online video series “Revolution” which examines technology, trends and best practices.  PGi and Social People thought #shiftSXSW would be the perfect forum for a special SXSW “Revolution.”

The Saturday evening discussion titled “Revolution with Brian Solis” paired Solis with James Andrews that focused on how social media is transforming the way people connect with each other.  As Solis sees it, much of the complexity with emerging technology and new media platforms, hundreds of which are launched during SXSW each year, ironically prohibits people from having meaningful missions. He has observed that the take away of SXSW shouldn’t be a greater awareness of the tools, but rather there should be a relationship between the people centered on a common mission. Solis consults companies to work on building these relationships so that they can have better connected companies and employee relationships to rewire the way success is defined.



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