#ShiftSXSW: Learn More About Brian Solis and the Future of Digital Platforms

With #shiftSXSW just a few days away, we wanted to share some more information on our key speaker Brian Solis. #Shift is about changing the way we think about the work-life balance, communicating and connecting, and the use of technology in business. Brian Solis, prominent social media analyst and thought leader, certainly fits the bill for this event.

Whether it’s looking at his web series “Revolution,” or reading one of his books, The End of Business as Usual or Engage, Solis posses new hard-hitting thoughts on the interaction between business and consumer.  Touching on Digital Darwinism, Solis coins the ever appropriate #adaptordie hashtag for his media. A clear embodiment of the #shift mentality, PGi is more than excited to engage Solis with fellow social guru James Andrews of Social People, this Saturday at SXSWi.

In the mean time, please take a look at this interview with Solis and John Battelle titled, “Our Digital Society in the Next 30 Years.” To learn more about the social trend and how we are, “very, very early in what I think is a rapid acceleration of how we leverage digital platforms.”

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