Technology Got You Down? Let Simple Conferencing Pick You Up

When it comes to new technology, I am one of the last to adopt the latest advances. I still love handwritten notes, birthday cards sent through postal mail and books printed on paper.  Each of these things helps me feel more connected to the person or story with which I’m interacting. The electronic versions of these activities simply don’t have the same effect.

When things work so well the old fashioned way, I don’t like to invest a lot of time in a new tool until I understand its value. Too many advances require more time and don’t relieve me of other activities.

I have found one new tool through PGi that makes my life simpler. As a remote employee, I spend a lot of time on conference calls. I used to use traditional audio conferencing until iMeet showed me an easier and more personal way to meet. I use my unique iMeet room every day to communicate with my colleagues, and because the system calls me, I don’t even have to know my dial-in number. Now, that’s what I call advanced! When I want to just focus on my meeting, I appreciate having one less thing to remember.

I was even able to get started without a user guide or training. You only need to see iMeet once to understand it. After all, if technology is supposed to improve our lives, we should be able to integrate it without a lot of hassle.

I love that with iMeet, my work meetings don’t take time away from personal activities I love, like reading a really good book with lots of printed pages.

If you, too, still love a hand written note, call PGi to find out why iMeet is for you.


About Trisha Zimmerman

Trish Zimmerman, Senior Communications Manager, with more than 12 years experience. In addition to communicating with our employees and clients, I use surveys to gather information from our clients about their own conferencing experiences. With our their feedback, I work with our Service Quality Department to help Moderators use conferencing more effectively. To talk about your own experiences and how you can enhance your communications, please contact me at [email protected]

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