Why This “Old Lady” Loves PGi’s Conferencing Products

As the mother of a tween boy, I feel like I’m always battling the technology monster. I have an affinity for eye contact from kids, and over the past couple of years, I’ve watched my son’s friends communicate less with their eyes as they became more social through technology. I know they are not looking at my house slippers because they are fashionable. The change scares me. When I think my own son is abusing an electronic privilege, I don’t hesitate to pull the plug and schedule a date night where (gasp!) we are required to speak to each other.

As much as I’m an old lady about new technology, I love PGi’s conferencing products because they are personal. When I’m using video through iMeet or GlobalMeet, I don’t worry that the person I’m meeting with isn’t focused on the conversation. Unlike other meeting solutions, with iMeet and GlobalMeet, you can sense if someone is distracted. From their room lighting up when they talk to the clarity of the video, I feel like I’m in the same room with them. If fact, I’ve caught myself saying things like, “It was nice seeing you again,” at the end of a meeting, when in fact, I’ve never seen the person outside of iMeet.

Really seeing the person I’m meeting with, not just through video, but through personal connections is why I love PGi’s technology. I can read their profile on their iMeet cube or connect with them through their social networks directly from an iMeet meeting. It’s meeting with eye contact that I’m missing from too many of today’s kids. If only Super Mario had the same personal feel as PGi’s products.

About Trisha Zimmerman

Trish Zimmerman, Senior Communications Manager, with more than 12 years experience. In addition to communicating with our employees and clients, I use surveys to gather information from our clients about their own conferencing experiences. With our their feedback, I work with our Service Quality Department to help Moderators use conferencing more effectively. To talk about your own experiences and how you can enhance your communications, please contact me at [email protected]

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