Digital Nomad Tip #33: Welcome Enterprise Technology to Your Home

Konnichiwa and greetings from Tokyo! Nowhere else have I found a culture so strongly dedicated to efficiency, commerce and technology. From futuristic robots to loos smarter than most humans and the world’s largest broadcasting tower, Tokyo got it covered.

Over the past 10 months on the road, visiting PGi’s 30+ global offices, I have used PGi’s virtual meeting solutions, iMeet and GlobalMeet, to join meetings, present important ideas, on-board new team members and keep rapport with my stakeholders. Unlike most enterprise technology, I use iMeet and GlobalMeet because they’re browser-based so it’s quick and easy to start the meeting. They’re also simple and let the meeting be about my guests, not features.

After almost two years of using the products to break down communication barriers at work, I’ve started using them at home. Recently, I took my accountant through a few tax documents thanks to GlobalMeet’s screen share and recorded the meeting for my husband to review afterwards. I’ve also been able to make an appearance at my friend’s wedding and share a few words during her rehearsal dinner via iMeet.

GlobalMeet Brings Me Face-to-Face with My Accountant 5K Miles Away

The same technology I use to join my Monday morning status call is my technology of choice for connecting with friends and family. Most knowledge workers are familiar with the rise of consumer technology in the workplace multimedia, mobility and social networking . However, similar to the BYOD trend, my personal technology choices are taking notes from my 9-to-5 and influencing the technology I bring home.

While abroad this year, I’ve met new babies, congratulated the newly engaged and even approved my mom’s sofa choice through the same technology I use to take my team through an Excel sheet. I believe that this convergence is an indicator of technology that is easy to use and dare I say fun.

Have you used enterprise technology in your personal life? Which business technology will find its way into the consumer marketplace next?

About Cora R.

Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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