Storytelling: what technology means versus what it does

This video has been a point of discussion this week among our PGi team—as you watch, you’ll witness its undeniable emotional power. Understanding that Henry is the hero of the story and that technology merely facilitates the music that brings him back to life again, brings fluidity and vitality to his limbs, expression to his face and light to his eyes—this is the concept I want to share with my #shift readers.

Bigger and better technology is not the end goal, but the means to the end. Whether you are a marketer, a sales guy or an engineer, I encourage you to think about how technology creates and inspires new worlds, how it heals our lives—not about the technology or tools themselves. Challenge yourselves to be storytellers, architects and visionaries, not simply marketers or business owners, and tell a story that engages your audience on a deeper level:

Video courtesy of Alive Inside

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