How to Go Green this Earth Day with Green Mobile Apps

Earth Day is upon us, loyal citizens of our great planet. We’d all love to learn how to go green, but with the stresses of our everyday lives and perceived hassle of greening our homes, cars and offices, we often slip back into old habits after the Earth Day hype dies down. Good news, all: There’s an app for that.

In honor of Earth Day, whip out your iPhones, Androids and tablets and try PGi’s Top 10 green mobile apps to implement environmental sustainability practices in your home, commute, office and community.

greenMeter The iPhone and iPod Touch app from Hunter Research & Technology calculates your vehicle’s power and fuel usage to provide feedback on how you can increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and ultimately lower your environmental impact. (iTunes, $5.99)

GoodGuide For Green newbies, GoodGuide’s Yelp-esque app is a compendium of over 120,000 products weighed on a health, environmental and societal impact scale. So next time you’re shopping for dish soap, pull out this app and scan the barcode to retrieve product ratings and information to make a greener purchasing decision. (Web, iTunes and Android Market, Free)

Evernote Go green and reduce your paper waste using this popular digital note taking and collaboration app. To-do lists, agendas, meeting notes, grocery lists and even seamless integration with iMeet video conferencing eliminates sticky notes, print jobs and handouts in the office or the grocery store. (Web, iTunes, Android Market, Free or $45 for Premium)

Green Outlet Identify the cost of each of your household appliances to make important decisions about your electricity use. Great for managing your costs based on energy consumption and hours in use, plus estimating the carbon footprint of each appliance. Developed by TerraPass, proceeds from app purchases support clean energy and green projects. (iTunes, $0.99)

Green Genie Listed as the #1 green app by TechCrunch, this fantastic app is perfect for newcomers to the green movement, offering an extensive list of cost-effective green household projects, best green websites and organizations, various carbon calculators and more. (iTunes, $0.99)

MailStop Mobile With over 4 tons of junk mail produced annually in the US, 50 percent of which ends up in landfills, this phenomenal app lets users simply take a picture of the unwanted mail and the app makers submit the opt-out request for you. (iTunes, Free)

iMeet and GlobalMeet With gas prices rising above $4 in the US and the high environmental impact of business travel, virtual meetings provide an eco-friendly way to meet face-to-face and save the planet. With integrated audio, global availability and presentation viewing, these video and web conferencing apps help you save the planet, one business trip at a time. (Web, BlackBerry and iTunes, $69/$39 for hosts, free for guests)

Seafood Watch There’s a limit to the fish in the sea. Brought to you by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this handy app recommends ocean-friendly seafood at your favorite stores and restaurants. And the new Project FishMap lets you add to the wealth of knowledge with recommendations in your area. (iTunes, Free)

GreenFuel Locate alternative fuel stations in the US with this full-featured app. Search with GPS, zip code, state and/or city to find compressed natural gas, biodiesel, electric, ethanol, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas stations. (iTunes, $1.99)

With the wealth of green mobile apps on the various markets today, I’m sure we’ve missed some great ones. What’s your favorite green mobile app? Or do you have ideas for a new green app? Share it here on the PGiBlog.

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