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Go Mobile the Right Way: Simple Mobile Meeting Tips

We’re big fans of meeting on the go here at PGi. We even cut our very own award-winning digital nomad Cora Rodenbusch loose around the world for almost a year, and we continued to work and collaborate closely with her during that time.

There are some pitfalls with mobile meetings though, especially when it comes to connecting and maintaining quality audio. Smartphones and tablets are making it easier than ever to meet on the go, but there are a few simple things the mobile worker can keep in mind to ensure that they’re not disrupting the meeting for their other guests.

Ambient Noise

The world can be a noisy place. If you’re meeting in a car, for example, you’re bringing a lot of wind and mechanical noise into the meeting with you. Some phones are equipped to dampen that sort of thing, but this is a situation where the mute button is your friend. If you’re not talking or presenting, keep yourself muted to spare your colleagues the whoosh of you barreling down the freeway.

Also, if the weather allows for it, try and keep your car’s A/C or heat turned down. If you’re blasting the cool air, odds are you’re blasting your colleagues’ ears as well.

Know Where You’ll Be

Hopefully, you’re dialing into a meeting remotely because you knew you’d be out of the office ahead of time, not because a meeting was sprung on you at the last minute. If the latter is the case, there’s not much you can do to guarantee you’re in a meeting friendly environment.

However, if you know for a fact you’re going to be on the road and when, you should be able to get somewhat of a gauge on how being mobile will affect your meeting performance. For example, recently I had a meeting where a remote participant was in and out of tunnels and parking decks, which wreak havoc on cell phone reception. Their audio was constantly cutting out if not dropping entirely, which was an unwelcome disruption to the flow of our meeting.

If you know that your travels take you through some unfriendly cellular waters, try and schedule the meeting (or your departure time) around that issue. If all else fails, ask the organizer to reschedule or respectfully decline and ask a colleague to send you post-meeting notes so you don’t miss out. Sometimes missing a meeting is better than disrupting it for everyone else with connectivity issues. And a tool like Evernote, which is integrated directly with iMeet’s built-in notes feature, is a great way to get a missed meeting rundown!

There’s an App for That

Finally, keep in mind that if you’re meeting in a car, or an airport, or anywhere other than at your desk, it’s not convenient to have to juggle a bunch of different information just to get into your meeting in the first place. It’s already dangerous (and in many states, illegal!) to be fumbling with your phone while driving and few things are as frustrating as trying to multitask between apps trying to remember where you stored that audio PIN.

iMeet® and GlobalMeet® are exceptionally mobile friendly and circumvent this problem entirely! For starters, if you’ve received an e-mail invite for either an iMeet or GlobalMeet meeting, it includes a one-click mobile link to jump straight into the meeting.

Even better, the mobile apps for both iMeet and GlobalMeet are one-stop shops for starting and joining meetings while on the go. You can start your own meeting in either app with a single tap, or store a list of frequently visited meetings for easy access. And best of all, both apps will dial out to you, eliminating the need to remember phone numbers or passcodes!

Do you have your own mobile meeting tips or best practices? Share them in the comments below!

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