Tech Back Your Sales Results: An IT Checklist for Online Meetings

I doubt technology is one of the things that keeps you up at night. But it’s very possible that it should be.

I talk to CEOs from different companies every day, and hands down, their top two biggest complaints are:

  1. Their sale teams aren’t meeting their targets.
  2. Their cost per sale is too high.

Sound familiar? Ever since the down economy, management’s become much more risk averse. Doing more with less is a trend that came… and doesn’t plan to leave. Just since last year, sales quotas have risen 93%—with only a 33% increase for marketing teams that provide your leads. (SOURCE: CSO Insights)

Given that reality, it’s no wonder that inside sales positions are growing so much faster than outside sales reps. They cost less. The challenge is, they also typically bring in less revenue.

But what if you could deliver the results your CEO wants by getting your inside sales team to the level of an outside sales team—without spending that kind of money?

Outside sales reps are effective because they get face-to-face with prospects and customers. They’re expensive because of all the travel.

While the travel costs of an outside salesperson are constant, the cost of upgrading an inside sales force is a one-time event.

With the right technology, you can eliminate the cost of travel and still put your inside reps face-to-face with your highest value leads and accounts. (Check out this IT Checklist for Sales Tools to make sure you get the right technology right.)

The critical factor here is choosing the RIGHT technology. Think about it—sales people are trained to close deals, which means ignoring or not using anything that distracts them or makes them less efficient. How likely are they to use tools that hijack their time and effectiveness?

And don’t stop there. Your prospects judge every interaction they have with you. They look for signs that your company is easy to work with, and that they’ll get ROI from your products quickly. If your technology gets in the way, what does that say about you?

Case in point: online meetings. Online meeting tools are clearly customer facing. It’s critical that they go smoothly.

Winning companies give their inside sales teams tools for online meetings that deliver the high quality, face-to-face value of an in-person meeting. That means:

  • One URL to remember (in other words, no downloads)
  • No connection hassles (AKA: say goodbye to those 20- digit access codes)
  • A great customer impression every time

Selecting the right online meeting tool is one of the most critical decisions you can make for driving sales results. Download this IT Checklist for Sales Tools to make sure you get the right technology, right.


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