The Future of Your SMB

Want your SMB to be the next Amazon or Facebook? Time to jump on the cloud computing wagon. You may not be a technology provider, but
that doesn’t mean you can’t set your sales on gallop by harnessing the full competitive advantage of these new, innovative tools for your business.

Cloud computing not only changes what we expect from our business and personal tools. It re-orders the way products are developed and alters the core of customer relationships. (SOURCE: Christopher Cabrera, Software & Information Industry Association)

Think about it this way, would you have thought it possible five years ago to get on your phone in a new neighborhood and decide where you want to eat based upon the recommendations of others—merely by specifying what type of cuisine you’d like?

In this blog, I’ll discuss how your SMB can drive business growth with an integrated cloud computing strategy.

Deliver concierge-level experiences. Customer success, not just satisfaction, is   crucial for your SMB. Think about your own customer experiences. If a product or service doesn’t meet your expectations, you find an alternative. With so many competing options, companies have only one shot to prove their brand.
With cloud    computing tools, you can offer instantaneous configuration to satisfy customers’ needs promptly and efficiently—from anywhere, anytime. A consistent customer experience leads to life-long customer loyalty. (SOURCE: Deena Amato-McCoy).

Impress for less. Cost: A priority that drives your SMB; there’s no way around it. But according to Aberdeen, SMBs that embrace the cloud will decrease costs by an average of 32%—while improving business, software, and IT innovation. Learn more about the financial advantages of cloud computing.

Confront the unexpected. Are you flexible to adapt to changes as they emerge in your industry and competition—no matter how quickly? Rapidly solve unforeseen challenges with easy access to the necessary resources and tools in the cloud. Troubleshoot possible problems face-to-face with your team via web and video conferencing. Connect in a personal online meeting room to resolve obstacles collaboratively. (SOURCE: John Hagel III and John Seely Brown)

Encourage virtual team innovation. Your SMB’s team: you have the Most Valuable Player, Least Valuable Player, and everyone in between. Looking to inspire those stuck in the middle? Another benefit of cloud computing is that it fuels engagement and collaboration among employees. Equip workers with the materials to investigate, examine, and learn, setting the scene for
performance improvement and ultimately your SMB’s success. Spur creativity and teamwork among employees all over the globe with web and video conferencing. Enable remote employees to team up as a community in an online space. (SOURCE: Harvard Business Review)

Access data whenever, wherever. My personal pet peeve: Difficulty accessing information when you need it the most. Although cloud computing is hosted at a remote location, the data is available 24/7.  People can work anywhere, anytime from any tech device. Sharing information—like documents or even your screen—at a moment’s notice? Simple. (SOURCE: Frost & Sullivan + J. Bonasia).

Integrate environmental innovation. Sustainable, eco-friendly, green. Cloud computing incorporates these concepts. It not only minimizes energy use, but reduces GHG emissions and your SMB’s carbon footprint by 90%. (SOURCE: Andrew Winston).

How are you maximizing your SMB’s success with an integrated cloud computing strategy?


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