Deliver a Rich Customer Experience to Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty

This last Sunday, Seth Godin blogged: “It’s easier to love a brand when a brand loves you back.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s never been more important to cultivate genuine customer relationships. Over 63% of buyers chose helpfulness and knowledge when selecting a vendor. With the right building blocks, an introductory meeting can turn a prospect into a loyal customer—but how you get from handshake to close is all based on the prospect’s initial and continued experience.

When a customer can’t see the whites of your eyes, or feel the grip of your handshake, you can’t quickly gain their trust. And trust is the basis of any profitable buyer-seller relationship.

What many companies forget is that technology is a critical extension of your brand in any customer experience. That’s why you as a sales exec must take ownership of technology decisions in your organization. In some cases, companies can lose up to $500k a week due to poor technology.

Technology is the biggest driver of change. Today, businesses operate in entirely new ways thanks to the advent of cloud computing.”

— Max Rudman, “Seven Insights about Revenue Acceleration”

So what do winning companies do to ensure they don’t miss out? They turn on a webcam.

Video allows inside sales people to “shake hands” with prospects without the cost of travel. What’s more, this “very compelling medium” can increase email response rates to 20%, according to Jeff Cristee in an interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner. (“How to Be Persuasive during Virtual Sales Calls”)

With the proper video tool, you can get face-to-face with prospects—in a way that’s easy and intuitive for your sales reps, prospects and customers. That means:

  • They don’t have to download software or pay a fee

  • It’s mobile and accessible for someone on the road

  • No one needs to dial-in or remember an access code

Turning on your webcam is a game changer. PGi saw a 40% increase in conversions just we started to use our online meeting tool, iMeet.

If sales is about relationships, it’s next to impossible to sell anything to a faceless customer.

As Kyle York, Chief Revenue Officer at Dyn says: “We don’t have the customers we have by accident. They didn’t fall into our laps. We opened a door through whatever means were necessary and followed through on the promises we made.” (“Hard Work Pays Off”)

Learn more by joining me at the Sales 2.0 Boston Conference on July 23 in Boston. I’ll share more tactics to turn your prospects into loyal customers. One research agency predicts they’ll give your sales team a 2-5 year competitive advantage.

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