Featured on GreenBiz.com: How to know if telecommuting will work for your employees

It’s a no-brainer, really. Telecommuting can save businesses billions of dollars in travel costs and overhead expenses while also significantly reducing environmental pollutants and paper consumption. Teleworking benefits to the planet are widely recognized and valued: cities cleaner air, businesses increased efficiency and productivity, and lower operational costs. Each person telecommuting just one day a week can save the company — and the planet — 40,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually (average for a 40 mile commute).

In a recent article for GreenBiz.com, I explore various work scenarios for employers who are evaluating telecommuting and its potential. What will it take to get more businesses to embrace telecommuting and virtual teams? One key is to acknowledge that, while telecommuting is great for the planet and personal well-being, not everyone has what it takes. Whether you’re considering security requirements, specialized equipment or even an individual employee’s ability to remain productive, the ability to evaluate good candidates and opportunities for working remotely is crucial to the success of a business’s telecommuting strategy.

Are you thinking about the possibilities of telecommuting?  Read my recent post on GreenBiz.com for all the details and to learn when telecommuting will work — and when it won’t.

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