7 Ways to Win with Face-to-Face Results, Without the Cost

It’s possible to get your inside sales team to the level of an outside sales team. But not with your technology. And not with your existing sales processes.

Many organizations have responded to pressure from the C-Suite by re-organizing with an inside sales model. However, these organizations struggle to build trust and close sales because their reps aren’t face-to-face with prospects and customers.

But winning organizations aren’t settling for less than the best of both worlds. Here are the seven ways they’re getting face-to-face sales results—without the cost.

1. Eliminate inefficiencies. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re not wasting money, especially with your technology. Did you know that HALF of meetings start late—or not at all—because of technology related issues? That may not sound like a big deal because it’s 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. But if a person on your team has 10 meetings a week, he wastes a 40-hour work week each year! (Check out this IT Checklist for Sales to make sure you’re covered.)

2. Connect anywhere, anytime. Today’s customer is used to Yelp and iTunes and Amazon. They’re used to getting the best of what’s available, any time, anywhere — from any platform: text, chat, video, on their phones, you name it. So you need to be available to your prospects and customers immediately from any device at all hours of the day.

3. Get results quicker.Over 90% of execs ignore cold calls and cold emails. And buyers research and engage with their peers to discuss products and services long before they ever talk to a company sales person. When you finally connect with prospects, you need to make the most of the time you have – and get to value as quickly as you can. With traditional tools like phone and email, this is impossible. You can’t hear tone of voice, or see body language. That’s why it’s critical that sales organizations invest in video technology that can get them face-to-face with their prospects virtually. 

4. Be a customer experience expert. When you get your prospects and customers face-to-face, you need to deliver a rich customer experience every time. A rich customer experience is a multi-level experience. You need to deliver the right information at the right time that matches the right level of the customer’s needs. 

5. Cut costs. Winning sales organizations cut costs, especially when they can do it in ways that makes them more productive. By expanding their inside sales department and shrinking their outside sales force, these winning companies significantly reduce their costs. While the travel costs of an outside salesperson are constant, the cost of upgrading an inside sales force is a one-time event.

6. Elevate sales professionalism. Research shows that deals go to the most helpful vendors today. So the more professional and helpful that your salespeople can be to provide solutions that are customized to meet that prospect’s’ EXACT needs, the more deals they’ll close. 

7. Increase innovation. There are many reasons why video has become the keystone to creating a productive social enterprise—because as technology proliferates the the quality of communication and collaboration becomes more important. With video, you can co-create better with others—whether you’re interacting with your customers or your sales team. It’s more persuasive. It’s more authentic. It takes the guesswork out of communication. 

Winning organizations give their inside sales force better tools to get on par with the effectiveness of an outside sales organization. They’re keen on lowering their cost of sales. They also tighten their sales process to better match prospect needs for instant information. This reduces their time to close and improves their cash flow.


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