AT&T launches eco-rating system

In February AT&T announced that it would be bringing an eco-rating system to market. Certain AT&T-branded mobile devices would feature an eco-rating label so customers could not only compare product specifications among devices but also compare the environmental footprint of these same devices.

Yesterday, the eco-rating system debuted at stores across the country. The system rates a product on 15 criteria in five categories: usage of environmentally preferable materials, minimization of hazardous substances, energy efficiency, responsible end-of-life treatment and environmentally responsible manufacturing. The data is then translated into a five-star rating system, with five stars being the highest achievable score.

One of the five-star rated products is the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate. The smartphone earned 14/15 points. The one-point deduction was in the Hazardous Substances category; the Exhilarate earned three out of the four eligible points in this category.

“AT&T’s eco-ratings give consumers product information they want,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility. “Consumers want the best and fastest devices while being able to make an empowered choice about environmental impacts of the device. Our eco-ratings accomplish just that.” Source: AT&T

If you’re in the market for a new AT&T phone, check out the AT&T EcoSpace website for more information about the eco-rating system.

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