Green your workplace for America Recycles Day 2012

The 2012 Keep America Beautiful America Recycles Day (ARD) is still a few months away, November 15, but event registration is now open. Organizations that register an event now will have early access to a variety of materials including a best practices guide, recycling swag, activity ideas and more.

According to Keep America Beautiful, America Recycles Day “celebrates the benefits of recycling while providing an educational platform that helps raise awareness about the value of reducing, reusing and recycling – every day – all throughout the year.”

While America Recycles Day events are typically community sponsored, this is the perfect opportunity to kick off a new workplace recycling campaign. If you work in a small office that lacks corporate environmental initiatives then take the proverbial bull by the horns and launch your own go-green program.

Combine your new green workplace initiative with a community education campaign to help educate local residents on the benefits of going green. Simply visit the America Recycles Day 2012 website to register to host an event to gain access to a variety of resources.

Photo courtesy of ARD

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