Manage Your Company’s Video Conferencing Accounts with iMeet 2.0 “Cloud Controls”

Data retention policies have been around for 20+ years when all you needed was a few shredders and file cabinets to keep tabs on your company records. Since then, the way knowledge workers communicate and share information has changed drastically, making compliance a challenge and requiring companies to bring on teams of legal and security officers.

Instead of opting out of emerging communication technology, conscious Enterprise companies, especially those in the legal, health care and finance industries, are looking for solutions that give them the features they want while providing the control they need to effectively manage their data.

iMeet 2.0’s latest Enterprise feature, “Cloud Controls,” does just that, allowing admins to centrally managing their company’s virtual meeting accounts, including what they can and cannot share during an online meeting and how they can share it.  In addition to data control, the control console allows admins to update billing information, provision new accounts, manage international calling rights, and even turn on or turn off hold music and certain background images.

iMeet 2.0 Cloud Control Features:

  • Account Provisioning – Including Bulk Upload
  • On/Off International Dial-Out Access
  • On/Off Hold Music
  • On/Off Screen Share, Chat & Notes Access
  • Plug-in Management – LinkedIn, Evernote, Facebook, etc.
  • iMeet Room Background Design Management
  • Billing Management
  • Active Meeting Management

As a system admin for PGi’s employee community, having a central control panel for our 1,800 associates’ accounts is key to managing our company records. If you’re a system admin or looking to better manage your company’s virtual meeting solution, check out Cloud Controls and other top features at

Sign-up for your own iMeet room free for 30 days at, and download the iMeet HD app for the iPad and iMeet Mobile app for the iPhone®.

About Cora R.

Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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