Screen Sharing Gets an App-Lift with iMeet Video Conferencing

With the recent 2.0 release of PGi video conferencing solution iMeet, I was incredibly curious to see if iMeet’s promise of simple, personal and mobile video conference meetings impacted the screen share experience. And I must admit, the new iMeet screen sharing experience is incredibly powerful.

With iMeet 2.0, hosts can share their screens in high resolution with absolutely no downloads for meeting guests. The trademark iMeet cube also plays a huge part in this innovative screen sharing experience as guests can view both the screen and the host’s webcam video in a single browser window. And with the new iMeet Mobile app for the iPad and iMeet Mobile app for the iPhone, guests can even see shared screens on their mobile devices.

The experience is so good I had to capture it on video so you can see for yourself. Check out my iMeet screen share video tutorial below to see both the video conference host and guest experiences. Who knew screen sharing would ever be this easy?

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