Top 5 Awesome Things I Plan to Do With My New iPhone 5 for Work and Play

The new iPhone 5 announcement was today, and I’m absolutely thrilled — which is a massive shock for this once device-agnostic mobile user. Take away my cable. Take away my Xbox. Never take away my iPhone. Here on the PGi Blog, I constantly talk about the fact that technology should exist to make our lives easier — not more complicated. Before the iPhone, I used a flip phone (don’t judge me) and it did what it was supposed to: make phone calls. No muss, no fuss, unless I couldn’t remember my conference call passcode on a business trip.  I was a cynic, a disbeliever. What’s the big deal — and how much do you want me to pay?! Until my husband convinced me to jump on the bandwagon in 2010. And now I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 to be in my back pocket.

Here are the top 5 awesome things I plan to do with my iPhone 5:

1. Have a mobile iMeeting. My regular readers know that I’m obsessed with iMeet, which I believe is the coolest piece of meeting-slash-collaboration software on the planet. I spend 12+ hours a day working, so why waste time jumping through hoops using madness-inducing meeting tech? I’d much rather be in an iMeeting. The only hitch was that the mobile awesomeness was inhibited by my sad 3G speeds on my iPhone 4S. Hello, 4G LTE! With better wireless and processing speeds, my iMeet app should zoom so I can host or join audio + video meetings, share docs, take notes and chat on my couch or in a business meeting.

2. Capture video and pics in awesome presentations — on the fly. How many times have you been in a meeting and thought, “Man, everyone should hear this!” I love seeing someone white boarding or brainstorming in a conference room and whipping out my iPhone to capture the moment. The iPhone 5’s new camera technology makes this experience even better than before, enabling me to take pics while capturing video.

3. Mix business with pleasure. I’m completely enamored with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend because it completely simplifies my life. One laptop. One iPhone. Done. It used to be personal laptop, personal desktop PC, home phone and mobile phone PLUS work laptop, office phone, work BlackBerry — how did I juggle all those physical devices, user names, passwords and phone numbers for so long! Enter the iPhone 5, now supported by PGi’s amazing tech team (thanks, guys!). Now I have one laptop and one iPhone for work and play. Sigh of relief.

4. Gamify everything! Ever since I played Super Mario Bros. at 5 years old, I’ve been obsessed with gaming. Up until now, that meant actual video games, board games, etc. The new iPhone, however, with five rows of apps per screen, makes turning over once-dull business tasks (note taking, email, meetings, scheduling and inventory) into interactive experiences.

5. Put it in my back pocket and go. I’m a firm believer that mobile phones made globalization possible. And the new capabilities in the iPhone 5 help pull down the walls of the traditional office even further. I need one device that can do it all — get directions to a client office, text the babysitter, send a business email, update my Fantasy Football line-up and join a mobile web meeting with the UK team — and still fit in my suit jacket or back jeans pocket. And I really hope the iPhone 5 gets me that much closer to having it all … in the palm of my hand.

Now I just have to wait until the 21st! The only thing I’m not looking forward to? Buying converters and new speakers thanks to the new 30-pin dock connectors. But, that’s technology for you. Always changing.

What are you looking forward to the most? Is the iPhone 5 release as big a deal for you as it is for me — for your work and personal life? Share!

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