Scary Stories of Online Meetings Gone Wrong

It’s that time of year: Halloween. The day when the spirits of restless sales reps come back to roam our halls and cubicles once again. Their ghostly cries foretell dangers more ominous than we could ever imagine: Tech back your sales results – or else! The meeting is coming… from inside the house!

This year, I thought we could take a look at past PGi blogs about the worst online meetings ever documented. And if you read on, you’ll learn how to avoid being haunted by the Ghost of Technology Past…

1. The Case of the Conference Call Nightmare

This terrorizing tale warns us of the dangers of using a conferencing tool with terrible audio quality, requires software downloads, and thwarts highly important meetings with top prospects:

“Maxwell searches his email. And searches. And searches. Five minutes later, Nicholas’ face has turned pale. Where is Maxwell? His throat tightens. His heart races. He decides to check his email…”

2. The Mystery of iMeetaphobia

Overcoming online meeting phobias on iDay the 13th can be harrowing. Good thing Joshua’s got us covered in that department:

“Meetings can be scary! Sometimes they sneak up on you when you least expect it, sometimes they haunt you with ambiguous agendas, and sometimes they torture you by dragging on forever…”

3. The Legend of the Sticky Mute Button

This spooky story from Cora chills us to the bone:

“Almost too scary to talk about even 5 years later. A colleague pressed mute but didn’t press it hard enough, giving everyone on the call an earful. A personal side conversation, a dog barking, a flush of a toilet (the horror!).”

4. Surviving the Zombie Meeting Apocalypse

Plan your evacuation route. Arm yourself to the 9s. And more tips on surviving Zombie Meetingland:

“You are the only hope for the Office race. It’s not about just surviving. It’s about finding refuge from the Death by Powerpoint that surrounds us all. Save yourself!”

5. The Phantom of the Angry Prospect

Our final online meeting tale comes from a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous. He writes:

“I heard of a woman who had 150 prospects in a webinar once. But the technology she was using was horrifying. She couldn’t get the meeting started at all. All 150 souls were lost that day. No one’s heard from her since.”

This year, I hope you’re armed with the right tools to survive any impeding online meeting massacres.

And have a Happy Halloween 🙂


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