PGi is a Proud Sponsor of Girlstart – Empowering Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

This Tuesday PGi had the privilege of supporting Girlstart, a Texas program that fosters science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skill development in young girls. Several women from PGi’s Austin and Atlanta offices, along with our friends from Evernote, came together for Girlstart’s annual Game Changers luncheon to celebrate girls, the power of STEM and the pursuit of fun.


Founded in Austin, TX, in 1997, Girlstart’s dedication to making STEM engaging for young girls can be seen in everything they do from their after school programs to their summer camps and conference scholarship opportunities. Forget the boring science and computer labs of yesteryear, Girlstart finds new and exciting ways to empower and equip girls K – 12 in STEM, whether it’s making your own lip gloss in the lab, serving as a SXSW correspondent or programming your own video game. At an age when most lose interest, Girlstart’s efforts keep our future female leaders excited about STEM.

This year Richelle Parham, CMO of eBay and Shree Bose, 18 year-old Grand Prize Winner of the Google Global Science Fair spoke at the event. Shree, who started her cancer research at the age of 15, shared a statement during her keynote that spoke volumes of the power of science and technology:

“The awesome thing about science is that it doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you’re a boy or a girl. All that matters is that you’re passionate about what you do and that you want to do something big.”

PGi is a proud to champion a field that knows no boundaries, age requirements or gender restrictions. Anyone can be a “Game Changer” in the field of science, technology, engineering and math and that’s why we love it.

We couldn’t be more excited to sponsor Girlstart. For more information or to support Girlstart visit


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Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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