Don’t Let Hurricane Sandy Blow Your Work Off-Track: Free Tools and Tips

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As cities affected by Hurricane Sandy begin to assess the damage caused by the record-breaking storm, many of those impacted are preparing for alterations to their work schedules and environment.

Bracing for impact doesn’t have to mean reduced effectiveness, however. Below are some tips and free tools which can help keep you on track – no matter which way the wind blows:

Emergency Planning

Too often, we underestimate the impact of a storm, believing it will mean little more than heavy traffic and a day or two without electricity. But the human and economic tolls can be great, and preparing thoroughly for the full range of outcomes will maximize your ability to not only manage your work – but to simply stay safe.

It goes without saying, but pay attention to preparedness and government agencies’ warnings, and evacuate if, needed. Map an evacuation route (and an alternate), even if you don’t believe you’re facing immediate danger, and download free apps, such as the one provided by the American Red Cross for tracking the storm and sending emergency distress signals should you face serious danger.

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