How to Maximize Sales Impact by Cutting Up to 65% of Wasted Selling Time

There are two pressure systems facing sales leaders today: Pressure from the C-Suite and pressure from customers to maximize their sales impact and drive revenue gains. When talking to CEOs every day, the top complaints I hear is that sales teams aren’t hitting their number and the cost per sale is too high. Inside our organization at PGi, we’ve reduced the pressure— and improved sales results—by implementing online sales presentations that win.

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C-level executives know that part of the reason their companies aren’t growing profitably is that their sales and marketing organizations are struggling. Struggling to reduce costs and improve margins. Struggling to get more done in the same 8-hour work day. Struggling to position their products and services in an increasingly commoditized market. Our sales teams at PGi face the same issues, and we had to rethink the way we do business.

Here’s the first golden answer: Don’t waste your people resources.

According to a recent Sales 2.0 conference, sales people spend 65% of their time not selling because of tech issues, business travel and day-to-day processes. Reducing this substantial waste of people resources was a top priority for our business, especially because meetings—my company’s stronghold—are a primary time-wasting culprit for sales teams.

Over 50% of meetings start late — or not at all — because of technology-related issues. Here’re our calculations of what that means for your sales organization:

50% late
x 10 meetings  (conference calls, web conferences, video conferences, etc.)
X 10 reps
X 10K per deal
$500,000 in revenue at risk per week!

To maximize your sales impact, start with eliminating the meeting technology fat in your organization. Task your IT department with finding sales meeting tools that are simple, personal and — vital for busy salespeople — mobile. According to Wainhouse Research, the primary culprits in late conference calls and online meetings are:

34%: Technical difficulty (firewall, credentials, system incapability, etc.)
24.3%: Software download
22.8%: Can’t figure out how to join
13.1%: Missing materials or credentials to join (passcode, phone number, web address)
4.9%: Other

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