Fun Presentation Ideas for Festive Holiday Meetings

For those of us working through the last weeks of 2012, it’s tough not to gaze jealously at the empty cubicles or Out of Office messages of vacationing colleagues. Instead of bah-humbugging through your next presentation, here are 10 presentation ideas to add a little cheer to your holiday meetings.

1.       Decorate the conference room with holly and evergreens. Start your meeting off right by setting the scene. Use fragrant greenery, holiday Poinsettias and holly berries for a tasteful holiday centerpiece. Or, for more modern offices, brighten it up with multi-colored bulbs and tinsel on miniature trees.

2.       Think green and red for your slides. Holiday-up your Powerpoint decks with these great Microsoft Outlook templates.

3.       Add a little eggnog and fruitcake to the morning coffee offering. Add a little holiday cheer to the morning meeting buffet with eggnog, hot cocoa and fruitcake.

4.       Play holiday bingo during your meetings. Create simple bingo cards with holiday words (merry, Santa, New Year’s, happy and presents) so your guests can both attend and participate in the presentation.

5.       Surprise them with a gift. Perfect for team meetings and small-group presentations, surprise fellow attendees with a simple little holiday gift at the end of the meeting.

6.       Inject rousing holiday videos into your presentation. For our remote workers, a great way to inject cheer into your meetings is play a favorite holiday movie clip before the meeting. My personal favorite video clip is from Scrooged. Bill Murray says, “It’s the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we smile a little easier, we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year we are the people that we always hoped we would be.”

7.       Opt for a holiday potluck during a lunch-and-learn. Instead of the sandwich tray, invite your attendees to bring something to share, like mom’s favorite matzo balls or a candied ham.

8.       Wear something festive. Throw on your Santa hat, and start the show. If you’re not into the obvious, add a holiday-themed pin or scarf.

9.       Ring a bell every time someone says a holiday phrase. While not appropriate for professional presentations, this is a fantastic option for an exciting show. Give everyone in the audience a tiny bell and ask them to ring it every time you say  a specific word or words during the presentation.

10.   Bring in the carolers. Want some extreme festivities? Shock your audience with a performance by carolers at a pivotal point in your slideshow. It’ll definitely be a presentation to remember!

For more fun presentation ideas, visit PGi’s Collaboratory and check out some related articles!

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