Perfect Last Minute Shopping and Gifts for the Holiday Procrastinator

If you’re in the 1% of women and 2.4% of men who wait until Christmas Eve to buy their gifts, you’re in luck! We have picked out a few great gifts that don’t require you to wait in line at the local drugstore to scrounge or get called out by your family and friends for phoning it in. Here are a few perfect last minute shopping and gifts for the holiday procrastinator:

  • Gift cards: No, you don’t have to go anywhere to send a gift card to your forgotten niece or nephew. Virtual gift cards only need an email address and come in multiple increments for your budget. To personalize this once-impersonal gift, try Amazon’s new JibJab video gift cards, which puts your face in dancing and singing videos.
  • Memberships: Paid memberships are great for everyone. It could be a membership to the local zoo, neighborhood museum, online video service or streaming radio; there’s something for everyone on your last-minute list.
  • Charitable giving: ‘Tis the season to give, and online charitable donations given in your recipient’s name is a great way to honor your loved ones this season and help someone in need. Try to find a charity.
  • Night out on the town: Sometimes, a gift of time is the best gift you can give. If you have busy parents in your life, an awestruck niece or nephew or just a few good friends, write them a “Night out on the town” itinerary, where you either take them out on an adventure or watch their kids so they can get some much-needed time away.
  • Give the gift of Giftly: This new site is fantastic for finding great virtual gifts outside the realm of the standard-issue gift card. Treat someone to a spa day, concert tickets, wine, electronics or even a cupcake with this fantastic service, which specializes in local shops.
  • Crafts & treats: If you’re in a serious bind and low on cash, look around your house for items you can use to create a custom craft gift or delicious treat. Need ideas? Pinterest is a constant source of crafty inspiration or use to find recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand.

Are you a last-minute shopper—or a last-minute crafter? Share your favorite last-minute ideas, recipes and crafts to help a procrastinator in need!

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