Infographic: The World is Shrinking – Are You Ready for the Globalization and Culture Shift?

Did you know that Belgium is the most globally connected country in the world? And that Afghanistan relies primarily on its own resources to exist? Jonathan Farrington, esteemed sales expert of Jonathan Farrington & Associates and award-winning blog Top Sales World, shares astounding statistics on the power of globalization and culture in the infographic “The World is Shrinking” from the new eBook, The Future of Business Collaboration.

Farrington asserts that the globalization of business impacts us all at a vital level: even the smallest businesses can now compete in a global market for goods, services and talent. In order to be successful in this new global business world, companies must embrace the power of collaboration to make global cultures and the worldwide economy work for them.

“Today, every human resource in every country must interconnect and collaborate for the overall success of a global organization. The BYOD and BYOA phenomena, the consumerization of IT and the ubiquity of social media make this global collaboration possible. Technology enables the global workforce to collaborate in real-time, facilitating near-immediate reactions to changes in the world market and reducing time-to-market, lowering costs and enhancing worker productivity,” Farrington writes.

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