iMeet Responds to Touch

PGi and Plantronics Power Smarter Working with Next-Generation Integration

PGi is thrilled to announce a new strategic alliance with Plantronics, a global leader in audio communications for businesses and consumers. Today, PGi and Plantronics launched a new integrated solution, bringing the power of Plantronics’ contextual intelligence technology through its Voyager Legend™ UC headset to iMeet™.

So what exactly is contextual intelligence? Contextual intelligence allows the Voyager Legend UC headset to know certain things about your physical world and then communicate them directly to iMeet. The headset knows when you put it on and take it off. It knows your proximity to your device of choice. By sending this information to iMeet, we can create a more natural and more intuitive virtual meeting experience.

For example, by simply removing your headset, iMeet will automatically display that you’re on “mute” for the other guests in the meeting, eliminating the age-old awkward moment: “Are you there, Bob? … Uh, sorry, I was on mute.” If you move away from your device while wearing the Voyager Legend, iMeet will automatically set your status to “Away” so your guests will know you’ve stepped out — all with no additional effort on your part.

In short? iMeet + Plantronics = simply smarter meetings.

With the global mobile workforce forecasted to reach 1.5 billion by 2015, effective virtual collaboration isn’t just important for businesses of all sizes — it’s absolutely essential. PGi and Plantronics are committed to crafting the industry’s best user experiences. By bringing together the power of contextual intelligence with the world’s best virtual meetings, we’ve made virtual meetings smarter, more intuitive and simply better than ever before.

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