Recruiting Hassle #1: Are Your Job Applicants Engaged? Let iMeet Decide

Having recently interviewed candidates for an open position, I can honestly say it was the least enjoyable part of my job. The time it took to find the right person was unlike anything I had ever experienced. How do recruiters do it? I asked four of PGi’s Human Resources professionals this question, and their answer was simple: iMeet.

Of course I use iMeet for almost all my meetings, but isn’t this one of those times when face-to-face trumps even the most personal online setting? Of the four recruiters I interviewed, their answer was unanimous: They couldn’t recruit without iMeet. And, here’s why: Meeting with job applicants via iMeet allows recruiters in any industry to see how engaged they are in the position. Our HR Team all agreed that iMeet allows them to see past a person’s resume and gauge enthusiasm, but how they introduced iMeet to candidates depended on the position for which they were hiring.

Kacy Cross, a recruiter for Client Services positions, likes to provide applicants with some basic instructions. They sound something like this: “Go into iMeet early, play around with it, and feel free to complete your bio.” Candidates who upload a photo or avatar and write a short bio show they are much more engaged in the position than those who arrive with a blank profile.

Leslie Nail, who recruits for many technical positions, has a different approach. She likes to provide as little instruction as possible. iMeet is so simple even for first-time users that she expects her candidates to have the technical curiosity to automatically take iMeet for a spin.

“Their preparation for iMeet shows how engaged they are in the position and PGi, and we use that as a barometer,” says Julie Johnson, PGi Recruiter.

I expected to hear about how iMeet saves time and money, but I wasn’t prepared for this unparalleled experience that iMeet provides the recruiting process – and neither are some of the candidates. As one former applicant put it, “Using the iMeet software was a unique and more interesting way to speak with each other for the first time.”

No matter your company or industry, if you’re recruiting for a job, iMeet can help you weed out those less enthusiastic candidates. HR professionals can learn more about trends in talent acquisition with this white paper. For additional discussion about how HR professionals are leveraging online meeting technology, please join this discussion about employee benefits enrollment.

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