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Tech Tools That Make Collaboration Easier

At first glance, collaborating in today’s tech-centric business world can seem a bit daunting. How are you going to meet? How are you going to schedule it? How are you going to remember that you scheduled it? And how are you going to meet effectively to maximize the benefit of your collaboration, whether meeting with your team in the office or with mobile workers scattered across the company or the globe? With the future of business collaboration looking bright for both revenue and productivity gains, collaborating effectively is essential to attaining your business objectives.

As always, we’re here to help. Here are a few must-have tech tools to make collaboration easier than ever.

Easily Accessible and Sharable Notes
Truly collaborative sessions often move quickly and can spin in several different directions before your meeting ends, so being able to efficiently document your meeting and share it with attendees is crucial. There are several powerful cloud-based note taking apps available for a variety of operating systems, including Evernote. By choosing a cloud-based note taking app, you ensure that all of your notes are backed up, that you can access them from any of your computers or devices and that they’re easily distributed through email or the Apps themselves, keeping all of your team on the same (virtual) page.

A Good Headset
I really can’t stress this one enough. Whether you’re on calls at your desk all day or meeting on your iPad at the local coffee shop, a good headset is an essential piece to the collaboration puzzle. At your desk, it leaves your hands free to find that email that’s being referenced or navigate around the document being shared. For mobile meetings, a plugged in headset or one paired over Bluetooth makes it more comfortable and easier to meet while on the go – and if you happen to be driving, it might even be required by law!

Reliable Calendars and Reminders
With the wealth of calendar, to-do list, project management and reminder apps out there, it’s easy and important to find one that suits your particular needs. The best of these apps work for you without requiring a ton of extra effort on your part. For example, my work calendar syncs with my Google account, meaning my Google Calendars are always up-to-date with my meetings and available at a glance. And with Google’s new Google Now feature, my phone automatically reminds me not only of upcoming meetings but also their location and travel time if they happen to be offsite. Regardless of your OS of choice or your workstyle, there’s a to-do list or reminder app out there that will integrate seamlessly with your workflow and ensure you’ll never miss another meeting.

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Mobile-Friendly, Cloud-Based Collaboration Apps
All of the preparation in the world to collaborate effectively won’t matter if your collaboration tool of choice isn’t mobile ready, cloud-enabled and secure. Don’t let the cloud scare you off; by choosing a cloud-based collaboration solution like iMeet or GlobalMeet, you ensure that your virtual meetings are always-on and securely accessible from anywhere, on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

What are your must-have collaboration tools and tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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