Don’t Treat Your Job Applicants Like Livestock: Let iMeet Do Your Herding

In a still sluggish economy, recruiters have the luxury of receiving many applications for the same job posting. That’s the good and the bad news.

Recently, one of my neighbors described her job interview with another company by saying she and all the applicants were brought in to the interview like a herd of cattle. By the way she described the experience, I don’t think she cared if she got the job or not. Companies may have the upper hand when hiring, but that’s no reason to leave your applicants with a poor impression.

With a record number of candidates submitting interest in positions, time is more essential than ever. So how do you conduct a group interview without losing that personal feel? PGi’s recruiters say they can’t do it without iMeet.

Not only does iMeet accelerate the interview process, it allows recruiters to see how people interact in a group setting.

“When you use iMeet for round table interviews, you get to see how they interact in a group setting,” said Leslie Nail, PGi Recruiter. “You see nuggets that you may have missed on paper. Someone with a stellar resume may lack essential people skills. Or, someone without a great resume may shine on iMeet because more of who they really are comes through.”

If you’re conducting a group discussion, seven to eight candidates on iMeet can give you good group interaction without being overwhelming. However, if you’re just sharing information without expecting a lot of feedback, Leslie recommends using iMeet for up to 15 candidates at a time.

With iMeet, recruiters not only save time and money, applicants also get an opportunity to represent themselves beyond paper. The next time you’re doing volume recruiting, don’t treat your applicants like livestock. Try iMeet for your interviews and show them you’re a company headed toward greener pastures.

Read our Vaco case study to find out how one recruiting firm utilized iMeet video conferencing, to realize a five-time increase in recruiter productivity.


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