Work Gifs to Get You Through a Day of Back to Back Meetings

If you’re having a day of back-to-back meetings like me, you need a little pick-me-up to keep you alert and positive. Here are 10 of my favorite work gifs to share in your meetings or just make multitasking a little more enjoyable.

When your boss walks by:








When you’re stuck on the work hamster wheel:






When a meeting coma threatens:






When one of the meeting attendees never stops talking:








When someone assigns a follow-up task that kills your week:







When the big idea strikes:







When you run out of coffee five minutes into an hour-long video conference:







When the meeting is going nowhere fast:










When your colleagues get into a shouting match:






When your meeting is finally over:







Share your favorite work gifs with your friends here on the PGiBlog. After all, painful meetings are always better with a friend.

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