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6 Interview Questions for Your Next Video Interview

If you think about it, a good job interview is an exercise in psychology. Both parties have goals in mind: one is looking to put their best professional and personal foot forward while the other is looking to ensure an excellent working and cultural fit within an established team or organization. In an ideal interview, both parties are well-researched and well-prepared, and the interviewer in particular is constantly evaluating not only what a candidate is saying but how they’re saying it, factoring in non-verbal cues to get a more complete picture of a prospective employee.

But what about video interviews? Interviewing on video through a solution like iMeet® affords recruiters unprecedented clarity into a remote candidate, providing all of the same insights into body language that an in-person interview does. With that in mind, interviewers are free to ask the same kinds of thought-provoking, intense and sometimes even uncomfortable questions they’d use in an in-person interview while still being able to see how it affects their candidate.

Try some of these questions in your next video interview and keep a close eye on how your candidate reacts.

1) What are some things you’re not good at?
A candidate comes into an interview prepared to tell you all of the things they do amazingly well. It can take a little persistence to get a legitimate answer to this question (and not “I just work too hard”), but it can give you great insights into a candidate’s thought process and professional demeanor.

2) What do you consider to be the most significant accomplishment in your career thus far?
A question such as this one, where a candidate has to discuss themselves specifically rather than in generalities, can be a powerful indicator of both confidence and professional achievement. It’s also an easy question to follow up, opening doors to their work ethic, work style and how well they work with or manage others.

3) What drew you to our company?
Anyone can read a job description, but only the truly well-prepared candidates will have researched your company and its accomplishments. Dig as deep as you like here — follow up with questions about your industry and competitors. You might catch an unprepared candidate squirming in their seat on video with this one.

4) Is this your first time video conferencing?
This question might seem a tad specific, but there’s an important reason behind it. It’s difficult to find a position or industry in today’s job market that doesn’t require at least a little technical acumen — every employee has to manage email, create and share documents or schedule and attend meetings, both virtually or in-person. By getting them to open up about their experiences managing a video conferencing tool like iMeet, you can get an idea of how comfortable they are engaging and using unfamiliar systems.

5) If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
It’s pretty common practice to include a question like this in interviews today, but the value is still obvious — not only do you force the candidate to think creatively but by making them explain the “why” it can give you insights into how they really view themselves.

6) What questions do you have?
A great way either to end an interview with or to use as a curveball earlier on, this question can be an indicator of candidate’s preparedness, their interest in the position and company or their ability to think on their feet.

Do you have a go-to interview question to make your candidates really think? Share it in the comments or tweet us @PGi!

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