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Telecommuting Across the Generations: eBook & Infographic

In the new eBook, The Yin + Yang of Telecommuting, author Lea Green explores the shift in the workplace as more and more Millennial workers enter the workforce.

The eBook, sponsored by PGi, a global leader in conferencing and collaboration, explores the pros and cons of telecommuting and how both workers and businesses can find balance. The first infographics, Generational Snapshots: A Look at Our Shifting Workforce, explores the demographics, psychographics and technological influence of the four generations in America’s workplace today.

The  telecommuting eBook, which offers real-life trends and strategies to create a positive telework environment, includes special commentary from leaders in virtual work, sustainability and mobility, including:

  • Lea Green, PGi telecommuting and sustainability expert
  • San Sharma, mobile work expert from WorkSnug
  • Lewis Perkins, social good and sustainability icon from Cradle2Cradle

Want a sneak peek of what you will find in the eBook? Check out one of our favorite excerpts below:

“Telecommuting, an alternate work choice that has been around since the 1970s, has become an increasingly popular work practice. However, forty years of technological advancements, worldwide interconnectivity and sky-rocketing mobile tech adoption rates has transformed what it means to “work from home” in the new millennium. Since 2005, telecommuting has grown 73% across all sectors and a remarkable 474% in the U.S. government.1

Today’s generation of workers, recognizing that the flexibility and productivity associated with working offsite extends beyond the home office, are seeking to define and redefine their working lives. Most office workers are now able to access information and communicate with others anywhere via smartphones, suggesting that the term “telecommuting” will eventually become obsolete.

With technology constantly closing the gap between innovations and consumer needs (as with the burgeoning number of smartphones, apps and wireless networks with speeds comparable to those of broadband) we can now work from virtually anywhere. And as cities become increasingly connected and no one is ever off the grid, we will soon work from everywhere.”

For a definitive guide to the benefits and pitfalls that come with the new era of work, check out the free eBook: The Yin + Yang of Telecommuting.

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