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Android Users, Rejoice: iMeet for Android Smartphones Arrives

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the explosion of Android™ smartphones. In 2012, Android accounted for almost 70% of the global smartphone market. Recently, Samsung’s marketing blitz for its Galaxy S3 and Note II devices have paid huge dividends in promoting awareness of the Android OS, moving devices and generating levels of hype once exclusively reserved for the iPhone. In fact, just last week, the somewhat-unorthodox Galaxy S IV announcement generated an incredible amount of fanfare and social media buzz for the current smartphone leader’s new flagship device.

Until now, however, Android users have been missing something: an intuitive and powerful virtual meeting solution for effortless collaboration on the go. Today, PGi solves that problem.

iMeet® for Android smartphones is now available as a free download from Google Play, bringing the award-winning iMeet experience to one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems in the world.

Full-Featured Mobile Meetings

iMeet for Android smartphones brings all of the intuitive meeting features you’ve come to expect from iMeet and PGi to some of the most powerful and popular devices on the market today. You can start and manage your meetings on your Droid™ RAZR MAXX, enjoy the convenience of Auto-Connect™ audio on your Nexus™ 4 or share media and files from the cloud into your meeting on your HTC One X+.

Features include:

  • Mobile collaboration: Meet with up to 15 people anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Meeting controls: You don’t have to be in front of your computer to start and manage your meeting. The iMeet app for Android lets you control the meeting right from your phone. Start a meeting, mute guests, share files, chat and more—right at your fingertips.
  • Auto-Connect™: No dial-in numbers or passcodes. Connect to the meeting with one touch.
  • Share it all: Share videos, pictures, files or presentations with a single tap. Your files are waiting in the cloud, so you can access them wherever you are and on any device.
  • Safe and secure: iMeet gives you world-class security that you can depend on.
  • Multi-device: iMeet is available on your computer, smartphone and tablet, making it a seamless transition mid-meeting from your phone to your laptop.
  • Multi-language: The iMeet app for Android smartphone is available in English, German and Japanese.

iMeet has always been about providing technology that stays out of your way, creating the best virtual meetings and allowing you to meet whenever and wherever your work takes you. With iMeet for Android smartphones, a new and growing population of users now has access to the most intuitive and user-friendly virtual meeting solution on the market today.

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What better place to celebrate the launch of iMeet for Android smartphones than on Google’s very own social destination? PGi has officially launched its Google+ page, bringing all of our great content, contests and more from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into Google’s social sphere. Be sure to add PGi to your Circles today to get the latest news on iMeet, GlobalMeet® and all of PGi’s meeting solutions delivered directly to your streams. If you’re new to Google+ or thinking about checking it out for the first time, check out Google’s handy Getting Started guide.

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Interested in trying iMeet? Sign up now for a free 30-day trial of iMeet and download the free Android app from Google Play!

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