What’s the next step for sustainable business?

Sure, you’ve gotten rid of the Styrofoam cups and replaced them with reusable containers, you’re turning off lights and shutting down your computer monitors, and you’re even ramping up a telecommuting practice for your employees. Do these environmental successes have you wondering what’s next for corporate sustainability in your business?

Corporate sustainability is one of the biggest drivers of positive environmental and social change worldwide, inspiring consumer and employee loyalty and boosting revenue. In fact, approximately 95 percent of the 250 largest global companies now report on their sustainability activities, according to a 2011 KPMG report. Now you can access leading companies’ strategies and approaches toward corporate sustainability in PGi’s new webinar series as we focus on trends and innovations that impact on the way the world does business.

Hosted by Lewis Perkins, a sustainability strategist who has created programs and awareness for environmental and social initiatives for numerous companies, the series explores various environmental topics relevant to businesses and new participants will join each webinar within iMeet, PGi’s virtual meeting solution. Perkins currently serves as a Senior Vice President at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a nonprofit organization that guides manufacturers and designers in making safe and healthy products.

The first in our green iMeeting series discusses “Corporate Sustainability 2.0,” an exploration of corporate sustainability and how it may evolve. John Mulcahy of Georgia-Pacific and Sarah Hicks of MNN share their viewpoints with Perkins about how environmental stewardship can bring value to both companies and consumers.

Here’s just one of the insights you’ll receive from the webinar on creating a sustainable business:

“Where I think it’s going in the organizations that seem to be more advanced in the area of sustainability, is movement to an understanding of what creates real value for them and for their customers and it’s a better recognition of the trade-offs between different sustainability options.” – John Mulcahy, Vice President, Strategy & Category Effectiveness, Georgia-Pacific

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