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PGi CEO Boland Jones speaks at the Smarter Working panel.

Work is Not a Place: PGi Founder, Chairman, CEO Boland Jones on Flexible Work and Collaboration

Earlier this year, our friends at Plantronics hosted their Smarter Working Event in San Francisco, CA, and PGi was on hand to demo our integration between the Plantronics Voyager Legend™ UC headset and iMeet®.

A highlight of the event was the Smarter Working panel, where influential analysts, bloggers and executives, including PGi CEO Boland T. Jones, discussed everything from the death of the traditional office to how technology has fundamentally changed how, where and when work gets done.

PGi CEO Boland Jones speaks at the Smarter Working panel.

For many companies around the globe, technology like iMeet has transformed the way work gets done. Work truly isn’t a “place” anymore; you may still have an office you go to, but thanks to cloud computing, email, synced document and file storage and even online task and project management, our work goes where we go. By 2015, analysts predict the mobile workforce will reach 1.3 billion employees worldwide  due in large part to the explosive proliferation of smartphones and tablets as work devices.

At PGi, we recognize that top talent isn’t always geographically convenient to the job; by adopting flexible work arrangements, we’ve not only been able to hire and retain talented individuals but we’ve expanded our business into 25 countries, grown to 1,800 employees worldwide and reallocated non-productive office-related expenses into investments in our future. Additionally:

  • Over 50% of our global workforce enjoys flexible work options.
  • More than 1-in-7 of our U.S. employees telecommutes full time.
  • We reduced our physical office space needs by 25% due to increased teleworking, flexible hours and other virtual working arrangements.

In this first clip from the Smarter Working event, on the subject of working from home, Boland responds to the question “When does it make sense to have an office space and what does that office space look like?”

Surveys have shown that employees are more productive and produce higher-quality work when given the freedom to work remotely. Some respondents would even forgo a salary increase for the option to telecommute. In this second clip from the event, Boland explains that by allowing for telework and encouraging mobility, companies can foster a happier, more supportive environment for its employees that encourages the sparks of creativity and productivity that can happen outside of the office.

We want to hear from you. Do you believe true productivity only happens when everyone is physically together or has communications technology like iMeet truly revolutionized work, allowing for a globally distributed and flexible workforce that collaborates wherever they are?

Comment below, tweet PGi (@PGi), Boland (@bolandjones) or me (@writerwin) and share your thoughts.

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