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Just in time to wrap up Telework Week, a topic many of us are discussing and want to learn more about: telecommuting.

More than 100,000 people pledged to telecommute for at least part of this week, and last year, according to Mobile Work Exchange, 71% of the participating organizations and 75% of participating telecommuters saw an increase in productivity while gaining over 250,000 hours in their day and saving over 6 million miles on the road.

Skyrocketing technological advancements and global interconnectivity have redefined “working from home” in the new millennium. What you gain – both as an employee and as a business – by adopting a telecommuting practice in productivity and reduced costs are well-documented and continue to grow.

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Regular telecommuting often makes for better workers, as self-reported and reported by their managers. Eighty-six percent of telecommuters say they are more productive in their home office and between 20-40% of supervisors report that their teleworkers are more productive and take less time to complete tasks at a higher quality.

Cost Savings

Open-minded and flexible businesses have achieved huge gains in cost reduction by implementing a telecommuting workforce. In fact, according to the Telework Research Network, nearly 6-out-of-10 employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit of telecommuting programs.


Every year, the average U.S. worker commutes an average of 10,000 miles, adding up to the national workforce consuming an astounding 67 billion gallons of gas annually. Because telecommuting reduces total vehicle miles traveled per year by more than 35 billion, it represents a conservation of almost two billion gallons of gas, which adds up to a significant reduction in our fossil fuel dependency.

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