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Losing to Gain: Change Your Business Habits or Become Obsolete

Recently, I embarked on the most physically challenging three weeks of my life. I had decided to make a drastic personal change and engage in a vegan, gluten-free diet for three weeks to cleanse my system. I knew I wanted to become healthier, to lose weight and to live longer, but I was stuck in a cycle of bad habits. Whether it’s in our personal lives or our professional ones, we often get comfortable with what we think “works” and we maintain the easy road.

I encounter this all the time in my role with the Collaboration Technology Services team at PGi. Time and time again, after implementing collaboration tools and presenting companies with innovative communication solutions, inertia sets in. Employees fall back on business habits that are familiar – email, phone calls or in-person meetings. But the longer a company relies on last-century technology, the sooner they face obsolescence as faster, more agile and more technologically savvy companies pass them by.

So why does this continue to happen? First of all, no matter whether it’s a business process or an eating habit, change is always hard. You have to relearn systems and processes that you’ve performed for years. Fear of the unknown can be scary and intimidating. And secondly, the temptation to revert back is everywhere. Believe me – I have three beautiful daughters and a gorgeous wife and none of them were exactly on board with my gluten-free or vegan choices. For three weeks, that meant making two dinners every night: one for me (consisting of vegetables and twigs) and a much more appetizing meal for my family. It was considerably more time-consuming and I would have much rather been eating pizza or chicken fingers with my kids. But the benefits — and the ultimate end goals — were what encouraged me to resist temptation and keep challenging my habits.

The upside? When you truly embrace these changes, the results are immediate. For me and my diet, within just 48 hours I felt better. I started sleeping better.  I was thinking clearer. These benefits were incredible motivators; knowing how good I could feel made me want to keep moving forward and avoid reverting back to my bad habits. Once my three weeks of intense dieting were complete, I had learned valuable lessons about food choices and portion control that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s no different for your business habits. As you experience the benefits of meeting a client over HD video, collaborating together on a file in real time, saving your meeting notes directly to Evernote or meeting with your team on the fly right from your iPad® or smartphone, you come to realize how clunky email can really be. With iMeet® and GlobalMeet®, we’re presenting companies with the future of business collaboration: high definition face-to-face video streaming, effortless file and screen sharing and powerful, fully-featured apps for your smartphone and tablet.

You’ll see the gains in efficiency and productivity and you’ll understand how today’s communications technologies can truly empower your business, your workers and your goals — lessons that will stay with you.

Just like my improved health, you won’t want to go back.

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