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Your Cheat Sheet for Earth Week: The Top 7 PGi Blog Green Posts

We get it. Life is full of conflicting priorities. You multi-task during your web conference call. You carry around at least three mobile devices and might be looking at more than one at the same time. We understand that you are probably going to miss a few of our blog posts. So in honor of Earth Week, we’re going to make it easy and share our seven best posts discussing environmental sustainability, telecommuting and green trends that you might have missed. So grab your ceramic cup full of fair trade coffee and catch up on some amazing stories – and don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below:

7. What’s the next step for sustainable business?
The first in our series of green iMeetings, Lewis Perkins of Cradle2Cradle moderates an intriguing roundtable among leaders in sustainable business. The first in our green iMeeting series discusses “Corporate Sustainability 2.0,” an exploration of corporate sustainability and how it may evolve. John Mulcahy of Georgia-Pacific and Sarah Hicks of MNN share their viewpoints with Perkins about how environmental stewardship can bring value to both companies and consumers.

6. PGi Bikes to Work: Exclusive Interview with our Pedaling Participants

To celebrate Bike Month last year, PGi employees from all over the world pedaled to work during Bike to Work week to demonstrate their support of green alternatives and healthier life choices.  In a recent interview, I asked several participants in PGi’s Austin, Clonakilty and Toronto offices to recap their experiences, to reflect on their motivations and successes, and share their future plans as well as offer advice to first-time cyclists. A fun interview with first-hand Austin road perspectives not to be missed!

5. Infographic: 12 ways you can green your office

Acclaimed illustrator Tony Shasteen (illustrator for USA Network’s “Burn Notice” graphic novel) shares his talents with PGi to remind us that every day (and not just Earth Week) is one to think about ways to go green, improve the environment, increase efficiency, and lower the energy costs of your office. A beautiful demonstration of all that we can do by making better choices.

4. PGi Green Data Center: Cost Efficiency brings Environmental Savings

Going green is a good thing, but when we tie these efforts to bottom line efficiencies and cost savings, the choice is clear. This interview with PGi’s Aaron Lafferty reveals how creating our own green data center involves the consideration of computer equipment, mechanical and electrical systems, and building construction as they contribute to the design and output of maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

3. Find Work-Life Balance with our New eBook: The Yin and Yang of Telecommuting

Just released one month ago and it’s already at the top of the list – our latest eBook, “The Yin and Yang of Telecommuting,” shares detailed information and infographics on the new way to work from home. This rising trend is at the forefront of conversations everywhere and PGi has the information you need to know today to make this work choice work for you and your employer. Download our free eBook today to learn how to increase productivity, do more for the bottom line and become a better steward for the planet just by working from home.

2. Victorious Green: An Interview with Morgan Carey, Part 2

PGi had the opportunity to interview Morgan Carey – yes, that’s right: Mariah’s brother – who shares his holistic, healing perspectives on sustainable practices, volunteering with local schools, and the fundamental power of nutritional healing with us on the blog. In fact, the interview was so in-depth that we created a two-part series – be sure to check out both part one and part two.

1. Victorious Green: An Interview with Morgan Carey

Part One of our interview with Morgan Carey will amaze you. His relationship with the planet and outlook on sustainable building, organic gardening, and permaculture principles are only a part of what he shares in our stellar interview – don’t miss PGi’s top green article and wrap up your Earth Week with great ideas and an inspired mind.

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