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4 Ways to Optimize Your HR Budget and Still Choose Top Global Talent

HR departments and recruiting firms are under pressure to quickly fill positions, cut total cost per hire and select qualified candidates from a global talent pool. This can prove difficult when the talent pool continues to grow increasingly large while funds and time constraints grow smaller. Here are four simple tips that will help you optimize your HR budget and still attract top talent from around the world.

1.  Stay Social

With the talent market constantly growing, businesses are also competing to attract and retain top performers.  A company can quickly become an employer of choice, if it successfully creates an employee brand that separates it from the rest. Social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook provide great platforms to showcase your brand and gain loyal followers. These are also great ways to gain access to college students. The best part―it’s free.

2.  Allow telecommuting

Allowing top performers and trustworthy talent to work from anywhere will help make the recruiting process considerably easier. You can source where the skills are available, which eliminates the restriction of being confined to a specific geographic location or paying for relocation packages.

3.  Use video conferencing

Virtual meetings are cost-effective, quick, incredibly easy to arrange and beneficial for initial candidate evaluations. Instead of paying for travel arrangements to meet a potential candidate, recruiters can connect with candidates face-to-face online in seconds.

4.  Keep it all online

Use email, video meetings and other digital communications tools to connect with applicants throughout the recruitment process. Schedule interviews and other requests through email, conduct face-to-face interviews via video conferencing and get offer letters and other paperwork signed through web applications.

Has your company mastered a way to stay ahead of the recruiting trends? Let us know what you’ve found works the best. Would you like to try iMeet for free? Transform your recruiting process with virtual meetings today.


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