5 Apps to Help Optimize Your Audio Call Experience

Because of today’s global economy, employees and clients are scattered all over the world. As a result, individuals are spending less time in conference rooms and more time at their desks taking part in audio calls and web meetings.

If you thought it was difficult staying focused in a conference room surrounded by your colleagues, imagine remaining attentive when you’re sitting at your desk—alone. Below are some apps that can ensure you’re experiencing high quality audio and help you focus while on conference calls.

1. Fight computer distractions

Sometimes during a long audio call your mind may begin to wander. Instead of being an active listener, you may find yourself catching up with a colleague on IMs or enjoying the latest celebrity gossip. RescueTime Pro can help battle these types of online distractions.

This desktop app will assign all sites you’ve visited within the last three months a productivity score. Right before beginning your audio call, select “Get Focused!” and enter the length of your call in minutes. Until the timer runs out, all sites that previously produced a productivity score of “very distracting” will be blocked. The more you use RescueTime, your list will grow and become more comprehensive.

2. Choose conferencing software wisely
The audio conferencing software you choose will be the single most important factor when it comes to determining the quality of your audio. GlobalMeet and iMeet provide reliable, enterprise-class audio conferencing. In addition to superior audio quality, both apps offer a state-of-the-art global VoIP network and customer support in 13 languages. For additional convenience, you can participate in an audio call anywhere and anytime because both apps can be used on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

3. Get out the office
Let’s face it. The office can be a potential breeding ground for distractions. It can be hard to hear and be heard when you have to compete with loud, chit-chatting colleagues or the obtrusive construction noises from the office building next door. Sometimes you need a change of scenery that offers a quiet, relaxing environment.

The WorkSnug app provides laptop-friendly workspaces in your area and rates their atmosphere, Wi-Fi and noise levels. Instead of competing with all the various noises in your office during your next audio call, simply take your laptop and cellphone and go to a nearby WorkSnug-approved location.

4. Take breaks appropriately
Have you ever been in the middle of a conference call and then, out of nowhere, you realized you’re starving, need to use the restroom or are in serious need of a strong cup of coffee? Back-to-back meetings can sometimes become overwhelming and make you forget something important.

The Coffee Break app, available for both iPhones and Androids, reminds you to periodically take a scheduled break. You can set when you want to take a break and how long you want it to last. As extra motivation to step away from your computer, you can add sound alerts and screen dimmers. Set a reminder to take a break right before important meetings so you can pay attention to the call’s discussion and not what you forgot to do.

5. Find the mute button
Although not an app, a very important button that will almost certainly come in handy is the mute button. Don’t believe me? Here are seven reasons why the mute button is your best friend during a meeting.

Do you rely on specific apps to help you stay on task and keep focus during your audio calls? Let us know which ones you think work the best. Haven’t tried our conferencing software yet? Try iMeet or GlobalMeet for free.


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